10 Things Every Woman Over 40 Should Have in Her Makeup Bag

June 23, 2023

From luxury to drug store, my beauty must-haves!

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10 Things Every Woman Over 40 Should Have in Her Makeup Bag

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I'm an over 50,
former Corporate America
9 to 5-er who walked away from a 25 year career in sales leadership to pursue my passion of coaching women to be their boldest and most confident self


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If walking into Sephora sends you into sensory overload, here’s a curated list of products from drug store to luxury that will give you a simplified routine and an everyday makeup look to be flawless in a flash!


All those years of slathering yourself in baby oil in the 1980’s trying to get that Bain de Soleil tan may have taken their toll—but the best way to combat the effects is to incorporate a broad spectrum sunscreen into your routine TODAY and EVERY DAY to protect your skin from further damage while you battle your brown spots. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day!

My picks for under makeup: 

My picks for over makeup: 


Many of us have noticed that our eye shape has changed over time (hello, muffin top) and the laxity of the skin can make the eye look droopy. A curled lash gives a hooded eye an instant eye lift without surgery for a more wide-eyed appearance.

My picks: 


On your simplest makeup days, a little brow color, some blush, a quick lip and a swipe of mascara will give you a balanced and polished makeup look. Find a formula that you love and give those curled lashes some pop! Check out tubing formula mascaras if you struggle with finding a mascara that doesn’t transfer to hooded lids or smudge under your eyes.

My picks for mascaras: 


Easy to apply even for the makeup novice, a cream blush should be your go-to blush formula for dry or mature skin–it melts into the skin, gives a natural flush, and maintains a beautiful glow throughout the day. A soft peachy-pink intense enough for your skin tone can be the perfect goes-with-everything color.

My picks: 


The quickest and safest way to fake a sunkissed look is with a bronzer. Apply with an oversized powder brush for a foolproof “I just got back from a weekend at the beach” glow. For fair skin, look for a liquid bronzer that gives a sheer and subtle kiss of color.

My picks: 


After the eyebrow massacre that was the 1990’s (what were we thinking?!), many of us are still suffering from a condition I like to call “Dinky Brows.” Couple that with the fading of our natural brow color and some rogue grey hairs, and our brows may need a bit of help. Use a brow pencil or pen to create hair-like strokes to define sparse brows and/or brush in a brow powder to add depth to a faded brow. Add a little lift to your brows with a clear brow gel, or use a gel with a tint to add a little color.

My picks: 


As we age, sometimes less is more when it comes to eye makeup. A great neutral eye palette can give you multiple options from soft to smoky. And if you’re still longing for a pop of color, try smudging a bright shadow along the lash line. 

My picks: 


Repeat after me—texture draws attention to texture. Meaning, the heavier the foundation formula, the more likely it will draw attention to lines, scars and dryness. Now is the time to lighten up when it comes to coverage and my favorite foundation type for mature skin is a tinted moisturizer or serum foundation. They even out the skin, add a glow, and diffuse the look of fine lines and dryness. (Remember: even if you’re applying a tinted moisturizer with SPF, you should still apply a separate sunscreen under your makeup!)

My picks: 


Nude doesn’t have to mean naked—from soft peach, to ballet slipper, to latte, to rose—the perfect nude is out there, no matter your skin tone. Couple it with a lipliner to intensify the lip border and perfect the look.

My picks: 


Don’t shy away from a bright lip! You can start with a stain, a balm, or a gloss to baby step your way into a bolder lip look. Keep the eye shadows neutral and soft and then reach for a red, a coral or a bright pink for that perfect pick-me-up that always looks polished. Be sure to softly line the lips with a coordinating color to prevent the pigment from traveling into fine lines around the mouth—or choose a more satin-matte lipstick finish for a punchy pout that stays put.

My picks: 

There you have it! 

Consider this your capsule collection for an easy and effective makeup routine. Take these with you and you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you! 

Are any of your favorites on my list? Anything you think I missed? 

Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Nicole Wagner says:

    Thank you Jen, for these fabulous items/ideas…I love the idea of just enough makeup to make us feel like a million bucks and not a broken piggybank…!! 👏🏻😁♥️

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