If You Remember Acid Wash Denim, It May Be Time to Add a Retinoid to Your Skincare Routine

November 16, 2023

Time to level up your skincare routine

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In our 30s, collagen production in our skin starts to drop and once we hit 40, the results become more apparent–our cheeks don’t sit as high as they used to, our jawlines aren’t as tight, and fine lines start to creep in. One effective way to combat loss of elasticity is by incorporating a retinoid into your skincare routine.

What does a Retinoid do and Why Should I Use it?

Retinoids are a form of topical Vitamin A that increase the production of collagen and elastin, helping to firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can also stimulate new blood vessels in the skin and bring back your rosy glow, as well as help with acne, pigmentation and texture changes.

Retinols vs Retinoids: What’s the Difference?

Although the term retinoid refers to the overall category of Vitamin A topicals, you will most likely hear the term retinols to refer to over the counter products, like Adapalene. Retinoids typically refer to prescription strength versions, like Tretinoin.

Which Should I Use? Retinols or Retinoids?

Retinols work the same way as Retinoids, but with a lower strength of retinoic acid. They will still give you results, but it will take longer to see them. That said, those with sensitive skin or who are just starting to incorporate a retinoid into their skincare routine may want to start with an OTC retinol to see how their skin tolerates it and then level up to a prescription retinoid later.

If you have fairly tolerant skin and are eager to see results sooner, a prescription retinoid is your best choice–and now you don’t have to make an appointment with a Dermatologist to get your hands on one.

Agency Skincare: Custom Prescription Skincare Delivered to Your Door

I started working with Agency Skincare earlier this year. Once I hit perimenopause in my 50s, I noticed hormonal melasma–brown symmetrical patches on both of my cheeks. I was disappointed to learn that melasma can’t be corrected with laser treatments like other forms of hyperpigmentation. Additionally, I noticed loss of firmness–especially around my mouth and jaw–and the dreaded neck wrinkles. Ugh.

This is where Agency Skincare came in. A quick survey on their website, a couple no-makeup selfies, and a few days later a custom skincare regimen from one of their dermatology providers was winging its way to my house–no doctor appointments necessary!

In my skincare kit was:
Cloud Care Cream Oil Cleanser–a luxurious cleansing balm that was both soothing and effective
Cloud Care Weightless Whipped Moisturizer–a moisture rich cream with a lightweight texture
Future Formula-a prescription strength cream to combat the effects of aging*
Dark Spot Formula–a compounded formula to address hyperpigmentation*

*Ingredients subject to consultation

Agency Skincare Review

Prior to partnering with Agency Skincare, I test-drove the process and the products on my skin for 30 days. The initial questionnaire was thorough and took just minutes, and the products were on my doorstep in a few days. The first kit is a 30 day trial set with smaller sizes so you can try out the routine before committing to the monthly subscription. After the first 30 days, I received a follow up email to assess how my skin was responding to the formulas, and then they were adjusted based on my feedback and a new full size set was shipped to me.

The process has been seamless and I am seeing results–I’m getting more compliments on my skin than ever before, and I’ve noticed a softening of my fine lines and pigmentation. I love that I don’t have to keep scheduling Dermatologist visits each month and the products ship straight to my door, so I never have to make a last minute run to the store when I run out of product.

Whenever I had questions, it was easy to message the Dermatology providers and get a quick response, and I like that the formulas are adjusted each month to get the best results.

I’m saving time and I’m seeing results–that’s a win in my book!

To start your journey with Agency Skincare, tap here!


And if you want to see my progress, I have been documenting my journey on my Instagram page–you can see my before and after photos and my monthly check-ins here:


Note: Although I have been compensated for this review and the products were gifted, I tested the products for 30 days prior to agreeing to a partnership. I’ll never recommend products that I don’t love.

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